Queen Elizabeth celebrates 60th coronation anniversary

Queen Elizabeth Celebrates 60th Anniversary

Queen Elizabeth II has been celebrating 60 years since her coronation.

The British monarch is spending the anniversary in private.

A commemorative service will be held on Tuesday in Westminster Abbey, where the young Elizabeth was crowned.

Earlier this week, the queen visited the London barracks of Lee Rigby, the soldier killed in a brutal attack in the UK capital last month that shocked the nation.

The queen was crowned on 2nd June 1953, at the age of 27.

The coronation took place more than a year after Elizabeth acceded to the throne, to allow a period of mourning for her father King George VI.

Six decades on a festival will be held in the grounds of Buckingham Palace in July to celebrate Queen Elizabeth’s reign.


Queen Elizabeth has two big milestones to celebrate this year, as this month marks her Royal Majesty’s 60th anniversary on the throne and Prince William and Kate Middleton welcome their baby.

Elizabeth’s coronation took place in June of 1953, when she took the seat her father vacated. Last year, England celebrated with a Diamond Jubilee that included a concert at the palace, a derby, and a thousand boats which were part of a pageant on the River Thames. She’ll get another big party in July, which is around the time Will and Kate will become new parents.

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