Crown Prince on secret visit Marc Rotermund

Enlarge Secret visit to Brunswick: The Thai crown prince and his wife have come to expect from Monday to Wednesday at the Movenpick hotel.
They were accompanied by a 60-strong entourage, consisting of servants and bodyguards – and a dog.

Director Jost Smeulders confirmed after the departure that the Thai Crown Prince was a guest at his hotel. “We had rented half a floor. For security reasons, I could predict anything,” said Smeulders.

The Crown Prince has extended his pilot’s license in Brunswick

Crown Prince Maha Vajiralongkorn was for information of the hotel in Brunswick Heads to extend the Luftfahrt-Bundesamt his pilot’s license. The 58-year-old flew a Boeing sometimes even the Royal Thai Air Force itself was curiously This last summer temporarily seized in Munich, because the Thai government owed money to a German contractor.

The Brunswick-visit of the royal couple was under the strictest level of confidentiality. Weeks before the arrival of a delegation visited the royal palace hotels incognito, reported Smeulders. For bookings of more than 30 rooms and suites he had not known who arrival. This was his first few days previously been reported, says the hotel manager.

Ten bodyguards were shopping in the downtown station

On Sunday, an employee has met the first coming from Berlin to Braunschweig. Dozens of cases were they transported in a truck to Brunswick. One room of the hotel was completely cleared out. There, the Thais had established its own kitchen, cook, especially to the many employees, servants and security officials with local specialties to. The Crown Prince and myself have almost always taken food from the hotel kitchen to themselves.

“The time with the delegation from Thailand was very intense,” says Smeulders. His staff had, for example, the rooms always cleaned under the observation of several employed by the royal family. And when the Crown Prince left his suite and wanted to go down that block had hotel staff before the elevator. The hotel manager: “The security did not want a stranger is picked up possibly on a different floor.” And photos were not wanted.

Shopping was during the three days in Brunswick seems to be popular activities of Royal Highness and his wife. They were seen in Hannover, Wolfsburg in the Outlet Center – and in the center of Braunschweig. At Art & Deco in Welfenhof about the Crown Princess had bought 15 high-quality porcelain figurines, while about ten bodyguards held in front of the store and police station.



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