Thai princess hurt in traffic accident in Jerusalem

Royal Visit
Peres with Princess Mahidol Photo: Mark Neiman, GPO,7340,L-4069505,00.html

Thai Princess Chulabhorn Mahidol was involved in a traffic accident in Jerusalem and lightly injured, while making her way to the Presidential Residence to meet with Shimon Peres.

After the meeting she was conveyed to Hadassah Ein Kerem Hospital in the capital.

The accident, which involved a number of vehicles, took place near the International Conventions Center. The princess received a blow but refused to be evacuated to the hospital, insisting on proceeding to the meeting with Peres.

The 54-year old visitor told the president upon meeting him that she feels “half-Israeli”. She said she visited Israel in the ’70s and has since been looking for an excuse to come back. “I think like an Israeli,” Mahidol added.

The princess, who holds a doctorate degree in Chemistry and runs a medical institute that fights cancer, is suffering from a physical disability due to injuries she sustained in a traffic accident that occurred a few months ago.

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